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Diagnostic Imaging

Discover the latest developments in 3D Bio-Resonance computer science with the ‘Bio Resonance Machine’

Bio Resonance Machine
Bio Resonance Machine

Diagnose and treat a variety of conditions non invasively

Bio Resonance Machine

Computerised diagnostic and treatment system via the Bio Resonance Machine

Bio Resonance Machine

One on one training sessions and support for practitioners

About Andromeda Metasystems & our Bio Resonance Machine.

ANDROMEDA Metasystems are pleased to offer our new computerised diagnostic and treatment instrument, the 'Bio Resonance Machine' which contains well proven Hunter and Metapathia software.

ANDROMEDA (from the Greek ‘To beMindful of Man’) Metasystems has grown out of a multi-disciplinary private healthcare clinic, Holywood Health in Northern Ireland. We have found the bio-resonance developments, carried out mainly in Russia, to be so exciting and so compatible with our ‘hands on’ complementary medicine treatments that we use the technology daily in our clinic and our mission is to make it available to all competent health professionals around the world.

It is one thing having a sophisticated new toy in the practice, but it is quite another to make it perform correctly for the client. The amount of clinical insight the system provides is quite astonishing, and there is a responsibility on the operator to apply that information in a responsible and meaningful way. That is why all our sales are inclusive of a thorough operator training. We prefer one-on-one at Holywood Health, but for overseas clients we have tuitional videos and Skype sessions.

Lyme Disease

Lyme is a very widespread condition nowadays, spread mainly by tick bites in areas populated by deer and other wild grazing animals. It is usually

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Adult with Back Pain


Fibromyalgia has been thrust into the spotlight in recent years, due to the fact that it is a condition that has gone undiagnosed for so long. There are currently thought to be 1.5 – 2 million people in the UK alone suffering from Fibromyalgia and its sister condition ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis), which you will know as a type of ‘Chronic Fatigue’.

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Become An Andromeda Practitioner

If you are already in medical or complementary medical practice, and are interested in expanding your skills and offering a revolutionary new dimension to your patients, do consider training as an Andromeda Practitioner with us in Ireland. You can start at any time, tuition is individual.

If you live overseas, we are able to offer full online training. Click below for details.

Get Treatment with

We have a growing number of practitioners throughout Ireland, and increasingly in the UK. You may already have come to this page through personal recommendation and know where to go, but if not we have a register of qualified practitioners available, just click below for details.

Typical cost for a first scan, lasting 60-90 minutes, is about £100. Follow up visits may be less.

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