About Andromeda Metasystems

Who Are We?

Andromeda Metasystems was founded in 2018 by Ralph McCutcheon and Paula Phillips, who are Complementary Medicine consultants at Holywood Health www.holywoodhealth.co.uk

Paula came across bio-resonance when searching for answers to her small son’s profound disability. She arranged a treatment, and noticed an immediate improvement after only one session! She was so impressed that she sourced a machine for herself and began treating her family and herself with it, learning as she went.

When Paula showed the concept of the Bioresonance Machines to Ralph he was immediately enthusiastic, as it was the answer to a long-held prayer for a computerised version of the Radionics equipment he had trained on and used some forty-five years ago. Radionics and Radiesthesia were developed throughout the 20th century, but the advent of powerful portable computers has added a new dimension to the application of this science. They realised together that Bioresonance Machines is a new technology which represents a quantum shift in medicine, and that it matched the evolving consciousness of 21 st century people.

Meet the Team

Bioresonance Machines


Ralph McCutcheon ND DO BAc started life as an engineer, but in 1969 changed tack and studied Osteopathy and Naturopathy for four years, followed by Acupuncture and Applied Kinesiology. He built a large multi-disciplinary practice in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire before moving back to his home territory of Northern Ireland and starting Holywood Health in 1986.

Ralph trained as a Radionics practitioner in the late 1970’s and found it fitted well with his other disciplines. However, it was very time and energy consuming, so when he found the new computerised products developed in Russia he realised just how potent the new device was, and decided to bring it to the local market. Andromeda equipment is now used on a daily basis in Holywood Health and is proving very successful and people come from all over Northern Ireland to get use of our Bioresonance Machines.

Bioresonance Machines


Paula Phillips BSc. Has been a complementary therapist for ten years, after completing a post-graduate degree in business management.
The arrival of a new baby with a serious disability led Paula to research widely in an effort to improve his situation. One avenue was bio-resonance, and her son responded so quickly to this that she sourced a machine and started giving therapy to her family.

When she showed the equipment to her colleague Ralph and he tried it, a decision was made to make it available and Paula spent a year on intensive training and development with the Andromeda equipment before launching the new company.

What to expect when you have an Andromeda treatment?

Having Andromeda bio-resonance is a totally non-invasive experience. All you do is sit down and put on a pair of headphones, which have special two-way transducers in them.  We first take a short case history and then start a scan by opening a file on the computer.  It is perfectly easy to chat with the headphones in place, as they do not emit any sound.  The amplitude of the signals sent to the brain is incredibly small, and cannot be sensed.

You will see the computer displaying a series of anatomical images of the body and its organs and tissues. Little coloured icons will appear all over the illustrations as the machine sends in the known vibrational signature of the tissue and measures the degree of resonance or dissonance as the body responds to the signal.

When the tissue is fully healthy, the icons will be white or yellow. When there is some functional stress they will be orange, when there is a higher stress level they will be mauve, when there is a degree of energy loss (entropy) from the cells they will be marked brown or black. So, we can see instantaneously where there is a stress pattern in the body, and we can then measure its response to medications, herbs, homeopathy, foods etc.  Some will make the readings stronger, some may cause weakening, so this gives a very good indication as to which supplements to take, or not.

In addition to this, the machine can perform Meta-therapy.  This means that it sends in a strong signal of the perfect health pattern to the cells, which then begin to resonate with the signal.  This signal can be printed into a dropper bottle or tablets to continue treatment at home.

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