Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Adult Asleep in bed - Andromeda Fatigue

Many people who are certified ‘healthy’ by medical examination are, in fact, living a very ‘low voltage’ life. Tiredness is just a deficiency of energy, so if you chronically have very little to give, this can affect all aspects of daily existence, and how effectively you interact in your world.

Using Andromeda scanning, we can look for the contributory causes of this lack of energy which could be:

1.    Poor liver detoxification pathways. This leads to an accumulation of toxins and sluggish metabolism which affects overall energy.
2.    Underactive thyroid. Often missed in conventional testing, as the parameters for ‘normal’ are far too wide.
3.    Compromised heart function. We have found a ‘hole in the heart’ conditions even in mature adults, which have never been diagnosed.
4.    Poor kidney function. This can be primary or secondary.
5.    Poor oxygenation of blood in the lungs for various reasons.
6.    A background chronic pain syndrome, which can sap vitality and cause mental and nervous fatigue.
7.    A negative life situation where no way forward can be seen.
8.    A toxic environment, physically or in human relationships.
9.    Electro-magnetic pollution, chemical pollution.
10. A past event which has pushed the body beyond its’ elastic limit.

We then address any (and all) issues found using the Meta-therapy functions of the computer, plus any other backup clinical procedures needed. We have generally good, and sometimes outstanding results in the treatment of chronic fatigue. The machine can blast new and healing frequencies into the body which refresh and re-boot the system, giving the body time to rest, regroup and recharge. In addition, we can prepare specific vibrational remedies which support the body and keep up the momentum of healing between visits.