Baby's Feet - Andromeda Fertility

The human body is designed to be fertile, and if it is not there is almost always a cause which can be found, and hopefully treated. Over the past sixty years or so (especially in the Western world), there has been an unprecedented drop in sperm count and motility of over 50%. Of course, in women, various ‘plumbing’ problems can also arise, which we have found to respond profoundly well toAndromeda therapy.

Common causes we have found on scanning of women have been vital overloads in the ovaries and uterus. The commonly found viruses being Herpes Simplex and Epstein Barr. In addition, there may be scar tissue that needs a regenerative boost.

As always, we have accounted for the full body health and treat all areas found to be out of balance. The results so far in HolywoodHealth (with ladies in their 40’s who have undergone IVF and other procedures without success), Andromeda treatment has resulted in four pregnancies and one miscarriage out of six ladies treated. This is a significant success rate and much more than anticipated for fertility specific treatment. In addition, one man who had suffered from testicular cancer is now the proud father of a little boy!

This shows us that the male sexual organs are also amenable to treatment with Andromeda, and we continue to see an improvement in prostate health in both younger and older men, as we go forward in our understanding of this beautiful technology.