Glandular Disorders

Our bodies depend on a very subtle balance of many different hormones to function correctly. Weall know what it can be like to have a gland out of balance- functional conditions like pre-menstrualsyndrome (PMT), hypothyroidism tiredness, weight gain), adrenal fatigue (jittery, cold sweaty palms,bursts of energy followed by fatigue, poor sleep), pineal dysfunction (insomnia, cramps, moodiness),and many more.

Most hormonal imbalances correct themselves as the body finds a general healthy balance, butsome need specialist treatment. The most common condition requiring medical intervention isprobably thyroid dysfunction, either under- or over-active. The most commonly undiagnosedcondition in our experience is hypoadrenia (exhaustion of the adrenal glands which are yourhormonal ‘shock absorbers’).

Bio-resonance therapy is proving invaluable in the treatment of many glandular problems. Thecomputer demonstrates clearly which glands may be involved, and gives good indications as towhether the problem is a functional imbalance or also involves a pathology. We find that a goodstarting point for treatment is usually the hypothalamus gland, which lies in the middle of the brainand has a regulatory effect on the whole system, along with the pituitary. We use Meta-Therapytreatment, given through the headphones, with a backup of specially prepared vibrational remedies.

Getting a good hormonal balance and control is an essential part of establishing general wellbeing,so we find that we often assess and treat the glandular system early in our sessions. Where there is aspecific, pre-existing hormone condition we still treat it according to the findings on the machineand bearing in mind any hormonal prescriptions. Our aim is to help the body achieve a normal self-regulation.

Your hormones are very closely connected with your nervous systems, and so we pay close attentionto all aspects of the three nervous systems and to the possible emotional triggers which may becausing nervous, and therefore hormonal, stress.