Lyme Disease

Lyme is a very widespread condition nowadays, spread mainly by tick bites in areas populated by deer and other wild grazing animals. It is usually dramatic in its intensity within days to weeks of being bitten, but in some cases the sufferer has no idea how they got the infection.

The bacteria Borrellia is responsible. It is a spirochete, the main strand of which can be killed by Doxycycline, but the offspring of which survive to create a very rapid growth of the colony.
Modern medicine has no effective treatment for Lyme, the only recommended strategy is the use of Doxycycline which only produces relief in the first couple of weeks. The body becomes so ill with the Borrellia that its immunity to various other bacteria and viruses breaks down, and the situation becomes one of multiple infections with attendant multiple symptoms.

While Lyme can be fatal, it is more often a prolonged and life changing illness, which can cause chronic pain and weakness. It can show the same symptoms as fibromyalgia, ME or CFS, and for this reason may remain incorrectly diagnosed. The best test for the presence of Borrellia is the Eli-spot test from ArminLabs

Using the Andromeda equipment, we have been able to identify different strains of both the primary and secondary infections and treat them using the ‘Destructor’ mode and various herbal and homoeopathic remedies, which in clinical trials have been shown to be more effective than conventional medications. We also use the traditional Naturopathic principles of body management to guide the body through the healing stages as effectively as possible.

It is impossible to generalise about treatment of Lyme, as people have such different experiences of it, but we have had some very promising results so far, with people leading symptom free lives. Perhaps the best thing about our strategy is that it does not involve any toxic medication, but rather helps the body to progressively rebuild its depleted immune system. The recent addition of Andromeda to our clinical approach has led to significantly better outcomes.