The MCC Methodis a unique technique, available to all, that helps people make positive changes in their lives. It is a simple yet powerful process of releasing underlying emotions which may be stopping us from being successful, abundant and living a life full of joy!

It is a practical formula for emotional and mental freedom. It shifts one’s state of consciousness and resistance to dynamic change by reaching into the subconscious mind, where negative core beliefs can be quickly transformed.

The MCC Method causes deep and powerful transmutation of negative thought patterns within a few minutes. It falls under the general description ‘Comprehensive Emotional Psychology’.

The Method has been developed through many years of clinical practice by Ralph McCutcheon and Paula Phillips. It includes aspects of various therapies, combined into a fluid mind/body treatment which is able to open long buried files of past events, traumas etc without them needing to be recalled or discussed.

This means there need be no going back to remember old situations, all we do is;

  • Find, using muscle testing, we look for the emotional fuse which has been blown. For example, you test weak to saying the phrase ‘I want to release all fear and anxiety’.
  • Then we ask the body when it first occurred, again using muscle testing.
  • Next we ‘lock in’ both the emotional event and the time, usually to the year, and perform some physical lymphatic flushing movements, acupuncture point tapping , eye movements etc.

Then we test for complete negation of the previous signs of stress. Usually there is a marked change of expression, a calmer and more relaxed appearance. We also check body height before and after the treatment, and frequently see increases in height of anything from 4-30mm. This improvement is checked on future visits to ensure that the full correction has held. 

We have found that this method helps relieve many physical symptoms, which are actually just adaptive body tensions as the nervous systems strain to hold the person together in adverse circumstances.

The MCC Method complements our Andromeda bio-resonance therapy very well, and seems to make very significant improvements to both speed and effectiveness of outcomes.

Just a couple of many testimonials;

I am amazed at how quick and thorough your treatments are. More than anything for my mind to be put at rest is so reassuring and validating. I feel an enormous sense of well-being. Thank you for your talents, insight, compassion knowledge and love. I look forward to living my new life without the ‘ball and chain’ feeling that has followed me most of my life.


Massive improvements in my overall health and wellbeing. Since the bio-resonance and kinesiology (MCC Method) long standing health issues have passed, including digestive, reproductive and emotional have long since gone. Thoroughly recommend!


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