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Adding bio-resonance to your skill set could be the most significant change you can make. You use your existing skills more effectively as well as adding a whole new dimension to your practice.

Bio Resonance Machine
Bio Resonance Machine

Interpretation of the onscreen images is a skill which most people find comes quickly and easily, as the graphics are so clear. However, there are many layers of both readings and interpretation, right down to the chromosomes, mitochondria, DNA and RNA. You learn how to follow the clues to get the best possible resolution, healing from the smallest molecular structures back up to the organ level. This is fascinating, and very educational as you follow the effects of viruses, bacteria, parasites and emotions right down to the smallest components of the body.

Bio Resonance Machine

The equipment works by sending known frequencies of up to 110,000 different cellular structures and components through bio-inductor units placed in headphones. These act a bit like a sonar or radar signal- they bounce back to the headphones and are picked up and evaluated. If the signal is weak or ‘off tune’ it will show up as a quality on both the Etalon graphs and the local tissue energy value symbols on the body part, on screen. All the information is recorded for later examination and treatment, and there is a facility for seeing comparative results before and after treatment. There is also provision for manufacture of special vibrational remedies, homoeopathic remedies, herbal and gem frequencies to back up treatment between visits.

Bio Resonance Machine

Training in the use of the equipment is essential, as there is insufficient information online or in books to support proper study in English. Much of the scientific work is published in Russian. Andromeda Metasystems provide a complete training and supply package, to a standard which allows one to start as a stand-alone bio-resonance practitioner if desired. Our goal is to see every unit placed used effectively to alleviate human suffering, and we offer every assistance to users to become really successful, and good ambassadors for Andromeda.

About Andromeda Metasystems

ANDROMEDA Metasystems are pleased to offer our new computerised diagnostic and treatment instrument, which contains well proven Hunter and Metapathia software.

ANDROMEDA (from the Greek ‘To beMindful of Man’) Metasystems has grown out of a multi-disciplinary private healthcare clinic, Holywood Health in Northern Ireland. We have found the bio-resonance developments, carried out mainly in Russia, to be so exciting and so compatible with our ‘hands on’ complementary medicine treatments that we use the technology daily in our clinic and our mission is to make it available to all competent health professionals around the world.

It is one thing having a sophisticated new toy in the practice, but it is quite another to make it perform correctly for the client. The amount of clinical insight the system provides is quite astonishing, and there is a responsibility on the operator to apply that information in a responsible and meaningful way. That is why all our sales are inclusive of a thorough operator training. We prefer one-on-one at Holywood Health, but for overseas clients we have tuitional videos and Skype sessions.

Why Our System

There are other products out there, with all sorts of capability and all sorts of prices. We have brought to the market an up to the minute product, very user friendly, at the right price and, most importantly, a three year guarantee and a full training program and ongoing support. The software will be regularly updated, free.
Andromeda Bioresonance Screen Example
Bioresonance Treatment

How we can help

Andromeda scanners are used by doctors, dentists, chiropractors, osteopaths, naturopaths, kinesiologists and other professional healers to augment their diagnostic capability and to have a completely new treatment modality.

How does it work?

ANDROMEDA is a non-linear system. That is to say, it works at a quantum, multi-dimensional level. It is a different branch of physics to that normally used, and is a paradigm shift in terms of scanning capability.

Andromeda Bioresonance Screen Example
Two-way headphones emit frequency patterns to resonate with healthy cell groups. There should be a resonant return signal, which shows as a yellow dot on the target area on screen. Should the return dignal be dissonant, that is to say from a sub-optimal target tissue, the computer will register this as another colour, and will classify in any of six levels of dysfunction.

Having surveyed the whole body (or selected parts) the operator can select different modalities to investigate any areas of interest, right down to the RNA , DNA and chromosomes. Treatment, in the form of corrective vibrational signals, can then be given, and the response viewed in real time on the screen.

The value of the real time display cannot be understated. As the client sees their body respond in front of their eyes, their brain will automatically back this up with optimistic healing thoughts which stimulate the epigenetic expression of the DNA to improve health. ”Where the mind goes, the body follows’

Our Services

Pre-loaded, ready to go Laptops available

We can provide you with a laptop with full installation of the Andromeda system. We currently offer the HP 14″ Windows laptop at only £355. With 1TB hard drive and 4GB RAM, it is quite sufficient for the application. The laptop will plug into any flat screen TV, and the client can then see everything clearly, directly in front of them.

Skype tutorials and trouble-shooting

We prefer one on one training, but as this is not always practicable, Skype is a very good alternative. A free service, it provides a full video conversation, and we can see each others screens etc.

Remote assistance through Team Viewer

Should you need any remote help with setting up your programme on your computer, we can do this remotely for you with an app called Team Viewer. Please do remember that our system does not currently work with Apple products, you must be using a Windows system.

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John Doe
Andromeda Practitioner

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