The arguments FOR; DO I, DON’T I?

  • Supposedly 60-90% effective at protection from acquiring symptomatic SARS-Cov 2. (Covid 19) based on manufacturers trials.
  • The government recommends it, says it will ‘help beat the pandemic’.

The arguments AGAINST;

  • The mRNA products are NOT vaccines, they are experimental biological agents/genetic engineering tools designed to modify the normal immune response of the body.
  • The mRNA and vaccine products available are all issued under ‘emergency regulations’, they have not been anything like fully tested- either on animals or on humans. There are NO published animal studies for the current products.
  • The mass inoculations are actually clinical trials in all but name.
  • As of writing on 9.3.2021 there have been at least 1265 reported deaths from mRNA vaccines, and numerous other severe abreactions including 4424 ‘serious injuries’.
  • According to all authorities, including the Surgeon General of the USA, NIH, Fauci, CDC, Hancock etc. these experimental products DO NOT STOP TRANSMISSION. They are claimed only to reduce severity of symptoms. 
  • The goal of mRNA treatment is antibodies dependent enhancement. This was tried on animals (ferrets and cats), when developing a vaccine for SARS-Cov 1 in 2005. The animals had two shots, were healthy until exposed to the wild virus, when they ALL died because of over reaction by the immune system. SARS Cov 1 and SARS Cov2 are 78% similar genetically. The same technology is being used in today’s injections.
  • There are potential fertility issues with these biological agents. Mike Yeadon, ex vice president of Pfizer, and other experts have called for an immediate cessation of vaccination until the effect of it on the placenta has been studied.
  • The vaccine manufacturers are shielded from all legal liability regarding abreactions!
  • We don’t know how long a vaccine might last. Annual vaccinations ongoing?
  • Non-white races are much more likely to have side effects from various childhood and other vaccines, as shown in numerous studies over the years. 64% more autism in blacks than in whites!
  • If you have a vaccine, you are automatically signed up on a 2 year track and report system, as if you had volunteered for a vaccine trial. But you have none of the redress afforded to trial volunteers.

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