What to expect when you have an Andromeda Bioresonance Treatment?

Bioresonance Treatment

Having Andromeda Bioresonance Treatment is a totally non-invasive experience. All you do is sit down and put on a pair of headphones, which have special two-way transducers in them.  We first take a short case history and then start a scan by opening a file on the computer.  It is perfectly easy to chat with the headphones in place, as they do not emit any sound.  The amplitude of the signals sent to the brain is incredibly small, and cannot be sensed.

You will see the computer displaying a series of anatomical images of the body and its organs and tissues. Little coloured icons will appear all over the illustrations as the machine sends in the known vibrational signature of the tissue and measures the degree of resonance or dissonance as the body responds to the signal.

When the tissue is fully healthy, the icons will be white or yellow. When there is some functional stress they will be orange, when there is a higher stress level they will be mauve, when there is a degree of energy loss (entropy) from the cells they will be marked brown or black. So, we can see instantaneously where there is a stress pattern in the body, and we can then measure its response to medications, herbs, homeopathy, foods etc.  Some will make the readings stronger, some may cause weakening, so this gives a very good indication as to which supplements to take, or not.

In addition to this, the machine can perform Meta-therapy.  This means that it sends in a strong signal of the perfect health pattern to the cells, which then begin to resonate with the signal.  This signal can be printed into a dropper bottle or tablets to continue treatment at home.  If you are looking for Bioresonance Treatment, you can avail from it at our premise Holywood Health which is situated in Northern Ireland.  For people wishing to become practioneers, please contact us and you can also see a list of practitioners on our website who practice Bio-resonance in the UK & Ireland.